• New electrical Installations , revamps and extensions of existing installations.

  • Electrical supply upgrades to sites.

  • Inspect electrical installations and issue certificate of compliance (COC).

  • Data logging : test and record the supply voltage and load (over a period of time)

  • Generator sales, service and installations.

  • Distribution Boards : Maintenance and repairs

  • Tripping problems : Test and repair faulty circuits . Maintenance of equipment.

  • Surge Protection. Installation and testing of surge protection.

  • Signage. Repair (or replace) and the maintenance and cleaning of all types of signage.

  • VeriFone . Installation, testing and repairs to VeriFone.

  • Compressors : test and repair electrical faults of compressors

  • UPS units : Test , service and / or replacement of ups units

  • E-fuel installations

  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Installations

Summary Of Services Offered

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